Storing Homemade Candy

by Judy Hannaford
(Fallbrook, California)

I have a question about storing homemade candy.

How early can you make homemade candy for Thanksgiving?

How long will it keep? How should you store it?

I am making several kinds...

  • peanut brittle
  • white chocolate covered maraschino cherries and coconut
  • peanut butter fudge

Can you help me out with some advice?

Hi Judy,

You should be able to start making your Thanksgiving chocolate any time now. The treats you mentioned should all keep well for several weeks.

In fact, if you our using the chocolate covered cherry recipe here on the site or one similar, they'll be even better if you give them a few weeks to 'age.' Just store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

The fudge can be frozen or refrigerated for the best freshness. I usually freeze mine and then thaw it an hour or so before I need it.

As for the peanut brittle, it should last a few weeks without any trouble at room temperature. Just store it in glass jars or a cookie tin, or some other airtight container to keep moisture out.

There are more tips on storing candy if you are still unsure.

I hope your chocolates are a real hit with your family and friends. Take a few snapshots and show them off to us when you're done making them. We'd love to see them.

Have fun!

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