Storing Homemade Candies

by Janice

I have a question about storing homemade candies.

My daughter is getting married in Sept. We made molded candy on Sunday, May 3. We will be using the molded chocolates for a shower on July 5th.

Should we refrigerate the chocolate candy for the 2 months or should it be put in the freezer.

Hi Janice,

This is going to come down to a judgment call on your part, I think.

Storing homemade candies that are simply molded chocolates can usually be done by just keeping them in an airtight container away from any strong smells.

If the temperature in your home isn't too warm, molded chocolates can last a few months without any trouble. But if they get too hot they can start to discolor or bloom.

You could freeze the shower favors, but just be sure to wrap them very well. When you defrost them, leave them wrapped (maybe even place a towel around the package as they defrost) until they come to room temperature to reduce the chances of condensation forming.

The moisture can also cause discoloration or bloom (when the sugar and/or fat separates and leaves white, yellow, or grayish marks). That's why you want to reduce the possibility as much as you can.

We'd love to see your molded chocolate shower favors if you've taken a photo! Just add them to the site using this same form and I'll pop it in at the top of this page so we can all ooh and aah over them. :)

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

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