Storing and Presenting Chocolate

by Danielle
(Manchester, England)

Hello from Manchester, England. I need some help with storing and presenting chocolate.

I'm planning to make chocolates as gifts this Christmas and experimented last night with crushed mints in melted chocolate. I then thinly spread it and broke into pieces.

It was easy to make and tasty to nibble, but unfortunately, I can't figure how to present and store it nicely.

I put the chocolate pieces in a package made of cellophane front and papery backing, but I have two problems:

  1. The chocolate is sweating (yik)
  2. The chocolate's made marks on the cellophane so it doesn't look very nice.

I realise I should probably be making it airtight but don't want to wrap things in foil as, visually, the chocolates are pretty so I want them on show.

Any advice much appreciated.


Hi Danielle,

Your experiment sounds great! The idea of the crushed mints in the chocolate is both yummy and Christmasy.

I understand what you are saying about showing them off. I completely agree. The packaging you are describing sounds like it ought to work.

I guess my first question is, why is the chocolate sweating? Did you have it refrigerated? If so, you need to let it set at room temperature to let it dry of all condensation before packaging.

It should set nicely then for packaging. You'll need to be sure to store it in a place where the temperature doesn't fluctuate a lot. The changes in temperature tend to make chocolate lose it's lovely appearance, though it still tastes fine.

Also, be sure not to store it near anything that has strong smells or your chocolate will absorb the smells (onion, spices, scented candles, etc.).

If you are able to get the chocolates packaged in your little bags with success, just place them all in a biscuit tin, plastic container, or a sturdy box and keep them in the pantry cupboard or some place similar until you are ready to give them out.

Once you've eliminated the condensation/sweating problem, you shouldn't have as much trouble with marks on the cellophane. You may have to settle for a couple, but I would expect it to be a minor problem.

Keep us posted on how you progress with storing and presenting chocolate. We'd love to see a photo, too, when you get it done.


P.S. Anyone else have any ideas for storing and presenting chocolate for Danielle?

Comments for Storing and Presenting Chocolate

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Nov 11, 2011
Storing and presenting NEW
by: Anonymous

The chocolate you may be using could need to be tempered first. This will cause some stickiness after the chocolate hardens.

Nov 18, 2008
Thanks for advice!
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much. This seems to have done the trick and stopped the sweating. Keeping them airtight is key. Many thanks. Danielle

Nov 09, 2008
Patty Cake Cases?
by: Susan

What about putting each piece in a paper patty cake (small cupcake) case, then wrapping them in cellophane? The tops would still show through and you can get some nicely decorated paper cases...if the chocolate is the kind that easily melts on contact with hands, this would make them easier to eat as well?

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