Sticks Turned Sticky After Freezing

by Kelly

I made cake pops and the sticks turned sticky after freezing them. Has anyone had this happen before?

I made some cake pops ahead of an event and froze them for a week. When I took them out, they formed a condensation on the top and the sticks got sticky.

I since won't freeze them, but was wondering if anyone had the same thing happen?

Also, could this have happened because of humidity?


Hi Kelly,

The condensation would certainly be from the freezing, of course. When the cake balls begin to return to room temperature, the condensation forms on the outside.

That's one of the reasons why it is always a good idea to allow the defrosting process to take place with the items completely covered - to reduce the condensation on the candy.

I'm a little surprised about the sticks getting sticky, though. What kind of sticks did you use? I can see that they would be damp from the condensation, but they should easily dry out and be as normal it would seem.

It will be interesting to hear if any of the other cake pop makers have had a similar experience to yours with their sticks turned sticky after freezing.

I'd love to see the cake pops that you made for your event, Kelly. Are you able to take some photos and add them to the site and tell a little bit about the event? I know others would be interested in seeing them, too, and being inspired.


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