Sometimes Sticky Chocolate???

by Rhonda F.

Hi there -

Its the time of year that our family makes the traditional Buckeyes recipe for Christmas gifts.

We follow the basic recipe and have in the past used melted Nestle semi-sweet chips. Some years the chocolate coating becomes sticky when they are at room temp., and other years they seem to get perfect hardness for handling.

I have seen recipes call for adding 2 Tbsp. of shortening or parafin. What is this for and why do we seem to have inconsistent results for the chocolate dipping when we use the same chips every year?

Rhonda F.

Hi Rhonda,

It may just be that one batch of chips has a different amount of cocoa butter or fat than another; Or that you are melting the chocolate to a different temperature.

I really love Buckeye candy and I usually add the shortening to the chocolate. I find that it makes the chocolate a little thinner for dipping and that it sets better for me.

Give it a try and see what you think. I've used paraffin in the past, but haven't used it in years. The purpose of the paraffin is to help the chocolate set more firmly too.

Enjoy your chocolate Buckeyes!

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