Solid Chocolate Bunnies

by Nicole
(Toronto, ON Canada)

I have 3 children. Needless to say that between the Easter bunny and family, we have more chocolate than any household should reasonably have.

That being said, I was wondering if I could use those giant solid chocolate bunnies for making candy molds?

Is it possible to melt those 1 lb chocolate bunnies down and use them to fill chocolate molds? I think it is, but some people are skeptical.

My son has his First Communion in a few weeks and I'd like to make chocolate lollipops that are crosses for the event.

It would be nice on the budget if I could just use the chocolate we have lying around from Easter rather than go out and buy even more chocolate to make the lollipops.

Thanks!!! :)

Hi Nicole,

I see no reason in the world why you couldn't use your solid chocolate bunnies for making molded chocolate crosses. It's a great idea, in fact!

Just cut/chop the chocolate in manageable pieces for melting in the double boiler and you'll be on your way.

I hope you'll come back and show off your finished First Communion Crosses when you get them done. We'd love to see them!

Have fun!

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