Soap Bunnies and Eggs Soaps

by Kay Gee

Egg soaps

Egg soaps

Make Soap bunnies and eggs soaps for Easter!

This is a neat and fun experiment to do with a child and an adult.

  1. First, buy the molds and the soap (the microwave kind) at any craft store. Have the kids pick out the scents and colors they want. Also buy some soap paint so they can paint the eggs or bunnies when they are done.

  2. Melt the blocks. You can melt soaps in the microwave.

  3. Remove the melted soap and add scents and colors.

  4. Pour soap into molds. You can refrigerate for a couple of hours until hard, then pop out and enjoy.

Happy soap making!

Hi Kay Gee,

Soap bunnies and egg soaps are a cute idea for Easter crafts! It's a nice alternative to too many sweets.

All of the supplies needed can be purchased at Candyland Crafts and also at One Stop Candle.

Actually, you could do something quite similar with wax and make candles instead. That would be good fun, too!

And you aren't limited to those shapes. There are thousands of different molds to choose from.

Thanks for sharing this Easter craft idea for kids and adults.


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