Smarties Discolouring

by Melanie

I'm making a sweet tree. I have a terracotta pot which is filled 1/4 full of plaster of paris. I have put clingfilm over it and then filled the rest of the pot with Smarties.

I woke up today and the smarties have started to discolour and lose their coating. I don't know why this is and don't know if its the clingfilm that is doing this.

I would be really grateful for some help please.

Hi Melanie,

When you say you covered it with clingfilm, do you mean you just covered the plaster of paris with clingfilm, or the entire terracotta pot?

Do the Smarties show signs of moisture on them? Were they left in direct sunlight or even under an indoor strong light?

I'm trying to picture the situation, and I can't imagine why clingfilm would cause the Smarties to fade in color. Is that what is happening? Is the color fading or they actually changing to odd colors?

How long had the plaster of paris been set/dry before you brought the Smarties into close contact with it?

My gut instinct is telling me that it has something to do with a reaction from the plaster of paris, unless there are other environmental circumstances that you haven't mentioned.

To be honest, I haven't dealt with Smarties discolouring before (except for in hot little hands), so I'm just guessing here.

Any more details you can provide may help me or someone else be better able to help you.

By the way, I'm quite interested in seeing your "Sweet Tree" when you are finished. It sounds intriguing and I'd love for you to add a photo and tell us all about it when you are done.


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Jul 03, 2013
Same here! NEW
by: Anonymous

We have a very similar situation, did you ever get to the bottom of it?

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