Ship Homemade Chocolate Candy For Valentine's Day

by Ruth

I would like to ship homemade chocolate candy for Valentines Day, but am concerned about it melting in transit. How do I prevent this?

I am new to candy making and have not learned all the tricks yet. The simple things I have made were with melted chocolate chips, with and without shortening.

I have kept them refrigerated as they seem "sticky" and tend to melt if I don't. This in mind, I am skeptical about shipping from Florida to grandchildren country-wide.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Hi Ruth,

Is it warm in your home? If the temperature isn't too warm in the house, the chocolate should not have to be refrigerated.

Since it IS refrigerated, you are definitely likely to have a bit of trouble with shipping it without it getting a little messy.

When you remove the chocolate from the fridge it will develop condensation as it returns to room temperature.

Have you tried storing the finished chocolates in a cookie tin or an airtight container instead of the fridge?

This time of year you should be able to post the chocolate goodies without having to worry very much about melting.

You should be able to just wrap the chocolate well and put it in a regular postal box. If you are really concerned, you can put an icepack in the box, but it will only help if you mail it express post which is expensive.

Anyone else have experience in posting chocolates who can give Ruth some advice on this?


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