Ship Chocolate

by Tracy Heart
(San Jose, California)

How do you ship quality chocolate with ice without it blooming?

I want to know how to ship chocolate without blooming when packed with ice.

Hi Tracy,

There are a couple of pages where we discuss the best way to ship chocolates in the summer.

Here's the second link to a page on shipping chocolate.

Basically, just be sure to keep the chocolate wrapped in a moisture proof package so that the condensation from the ice pack doesn't get on the chocolate.

You aren't going to be "freezing" the chocolate, so the main concern is going to be the moisture.

Sounds like someone is in for a yummy treat! :)


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Aug 02, 2012
Shipping Chocolate to Cameroon NEW
by: Angie

Dear Gigi,

I moved your question over here as shipping chocolate is a subject that has been raised a few times before.

If you look at the links above you'll see some pages that have great suggestions on how to send chocolate long distance and try to keep it in the best condition possible.

As you indicated, sending it to Africa is going to be a real challenge, particularly this time of year.

I'll be honest, I don't know an awful lot about the Peace Corps and what type of mailing services they use (as compare to the US military APO, FPO boxes, etc).

Apart from the suggestions on the pages to linked to previously, you may want to check with our friends at the Old Time Candy store".

They offer Free Shipping up to $25 to APO, FPO boxes, so they might be willing to do the same for the Peace Corps. Never hurts to ask!

Even if they say no, you can ask them how THEY ship the chocolate safely and perhaps they'll give you some good tips.

If they do, I hope you'll come back here and share the answers with the rest of us. :)

I think your idea is fantastic and your son and his friends will LOVE it! I sure hope it works out.


Aug 02, 2012
Shipping chocolate to son in Peace Corps in Cameroon NEW
by: Gigi

Hello! Our Peace Corps kids want chocolate! But shipping to Africa is tough. What are the best types of chocolate to ship, and while I read about dry ice, I am not sure what it is you use for shipping. Many thanks.

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