Shelf Life of Candy

What is the shelf life of candy?

How long will homemade candy be good? and how do you store it? Can you freeze it?

This question gets asked quite a bit. The answer depends a lot on the type of candy you are making.

Plain chocolate will keep indefinitely. While some truffles must be eaten in a week or two.

And then there's everything in between! :-)

Some things can be frozen. I freeze fudge all the time. Take a look at the page on storing candy and see if you can find the answer you need there.

If not, come back and give a bit more detail on the type of candy you are wanting to make and store and we can give you some more specific instruction.

Honestly, though, if you are able to store candy for any length of time at all, you're a stronger person than I am! I eat it much too fast!! :-)

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Feb 21, 2014
Shelf Life Of Toffee NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Maggie,

I think the biggest issue dealing with toffee is going to be the humidity. That tends to make toffee go soft and gooey a bit. If it is completely covered in chocolate, that should help a bit, but yes, it would be good to advise your customers to keep it in a cool, dry place until ready to eat.

All the best for your success at the show!

Feb 21, 2014
Owner, Aunt Maggie's English Toffee
by: Maggie Carroll

I am in a show soon. My toffee with chocolate has been in air tight containers. I am going to start boxing it and keeping it in a air conditioned room at 65. When I take it to the show I am going to transport in coolers with gel packs. My concern- how long will it stay fresh once it is purchased. I live in Florida?? Should I advice people to keep in a cool dark place until it is eaten?

Jan 26, 2010
hi there :-)
by: Anonymous

I have a recipe for a no cook candy, it's a butter, chopped walnuts and wine cream filling that's then covered in chocolate... how long do you think those would last?

Feb 06, 2009
Shelf Life of Candy Melts
by: Angie

Hi SusanJoe,

Your candy melts should be fine. If they were stored at a moderate temperature, they can last for ages.

Just taste one of each batch. If they taste fine, they should be fine to use. That's just my opinion.

I've used "old" chips and melts without any problems myself. I taste them to be sure they aren't rancid or anything and then just go for it.

Whatcha makin'?

Feb 06, 2009
Candy Melts
by: SusanJoe

What is the shelf life on all colors of candy melts. I bought some in 2007 and wondering are the candy melts still good to use?

Dec 06, 2008
Will Substitutions Be As Good?
by: Angie

Hi Lynne,

Your candy sounds like it's delicious. Would it be as good if you made it with substitutions? That's the big question.

I'm not exactly sure what you could exchange it for that would work. It may be difficult for people to help you without knowing the exact recipe.

Do you have to make them ahead of time? Can you just work on an order basis and make them as needed? If they are that good, you may be able to find a way of keeping them fresh long enough to get them to the buyers.

There's a local company by my parents that makes fresh chocolate covered strawberries. They are fabulous, but must be eaten rather quickly. It never seems to stop folks from purchasing them.

Something to think about. :)

Dec 05, 2008
shelf life of candy
by: lynne

Help me please.. We have a candy we want to actually market as a fund raiser.. and in it was have some dairy products.. cream cheese and butter.. something that doesn't have a good shelf life.. help me figure out something to use in their stead? it is a wonderful candy!!! and we already have buyers..

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