Selling Chocolate Candy At Craft Shows

by Denitta
(New Orleans, La)

I need help with selling chocolate candy at craft shows.

Hi, My name is Denitta. I am doing my first craft show and I have no idea on how many items to make.

I make chocolate covered treats. The craft show is open from 9-3.

Can you please help me?

Hi Denitta,

First let me say congratulations on your decision to try your hand at selling chocolate candy at craft shows. Sounds like a lot of fun!

It's nearly impossible for me to predict how many chocolate covered treats you'll be able to sell at your first craft show. There are just TOO MANY factors that will effect the sales volume.

Let me give you an example of the variables I'm referring to:

  • How big is the craft show?
  • How many people will come through the show during those 5 hours?
  • How many (if any) other stallholders will also be selling chocolate treats? Other foods?
  • What price will you be asking for your chocolate covered goodies?
  • How good or "tasty" do they look (I call this the temptation factor)?
  • What area of the country is the craft show being held (lower income or high income)?

As you can see, the answers to those questions will all have an effect on how much chocolate candy you can realistically expect to sell.

Do you know anyone who has been to the same craft fair on a previous occasion? Maybe they can give you an idea of the traffic volume and the buying potential of the attendees.

I would suggest that you consider making as many as you can reasonably afford to make and store appropriately for the event.

If you sell out early, have some paperwork ready for you to take orders! :) You can always fill orders for a future date.

If you don't sell enough, have a back-up plan of how you can sell the extras. Perhaps a local business, hospital, school, etc., would have a staff lounge where they would allow you to place them for sale the following week. It never hurts to ask!

Some chocolate covered goodies can be frozen and used for the upcoming holidays among your family and friends, if necessary, so you won't be completely wasting your money if the treats don't sell.

I hope these tips will help you make selling candy at your first craft show a real success! Be sure to let me know how it all turns out. :)

Take some photos of your treats and send them to me via email and I'll add them to this page.

Angie (at)

Comments for Selling Chocolate Candy At Craft Shows

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Apr 15, 2019
Chocalates at Craft Fairs NEW
by: Linda Gartrell

I just participated in my first craft fair. I made 117 boxes of artisan chocolates, prepackaged boxes, labels, prices, and future order sheets.
I am not giving up, but feel that they did not promote the craft fair as they should have. All in all I sold about 70 boxes and has orders for Mother's Day. I freeze my chocolates for future order, but be sure you double wrap your chocolate as it will turn color and change taste if exposed to the elements in the freezer. Also, using high quality chocolate matters! I made hand painted chocolates that sold for $15 for 10 ounces, and they went fast. We eat with our eyes, so if you are making candy that looks like everyday candy or tastes like store bought, you might not set a brand name for yourself.
I have sold on FB and at Church. In February I sold 1800 candies. So craft fairs are fine, but not the only way to promote your home business.
I am not in the business of making a profit, but use my homemade candy sales to donate to local charities and have been quite successful. You can promote your sales in that way to attract those who want to donate to a good cause. Let's say you have a box that is $5, but you offer to donate $1 to a local charity.. that is a way to get your name out there, and still make some money. Many states only allow you to sell at craft fairs twice a year if you are in the "cottage" sales category. Food insurance, and food inspections go by each state. Do you homework. and Good luck

Jul 22, 2018
Craft show candy sales
by: Tammy

Buckeyes, peanut clusters and fudge have sold well for me at craft shows. This in addition to pralines, brittle and hard candy.

Dec 09, 2015
chocolate Cady sales craft fair
by: snow cones and comfort foods

Well I have done candy sales at craft fairs chocolates sale but not as good as brittles or pralines.microwave brittle you can find on YouTube as well as pralines if u are a first time candy takes the guess work out of candy candy sales well. it takes 6 min and 20 seconds to make a must use in this is candy flavorings you can pick up at Walmart watermelon is my big saler.2 jars runs about $2.14 in Texas.the recipe is inside the flavoring under microwave candy.simple as making a box cake.Hope you do well and this helps if you use med pie shell pans for brittal you can get 3 to 4 dollars each just remember everyone loves pecan or peanut brittle.try some sugar free Candy's as well for the ones that can't have sugar...

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