Sell Homemade Candy From Home On Ebay?

by Tyler
(Bossier City, Louisiana)

Is it possible to sell homemade candy from home on ebay without a health inspection?

I was wondering if it was possible to make hard candy at home without a health inspection and sell it on eBay.

I have taken all of the precautions to sanitize my kitchen before I make the candy but I dont want to go through the hassel of a health inspection. Is this possible?


Hi Tyler,

That's an interesting question about selling candy on eBay, with or without, a health inspection.

I'm sure it is "possible" to list and sell your products on eBay without a health inspection, which is what your question seems to be asking.

A lot of people sell candy and various homemade foods on eBay (I've bought several things myself from such sellers), and I highly doubt that they had health inspections of their kitchens.

However, I can't tell you whether or not it is "legal" in your State to do so. There may be various laws governing the selling of homemade food products in each state, county, etc. If that is your concern, it would be best to contact your local municipality and ask them if there are any regulations in place.

It would be my assumption that if you were going to register a business for selling homemade food products, you would be much more likely to fall into the category of someone who needs a professional kitchen with health inspections, etc.

Once again, I'm just guessing. :)

Another suggestion would be for you to browse through eBay yourself and find a couple of people selling homemade food items. Send them a message through the "ask seller a question" feature. Tell them your plans and ask them if they could tell you if there are any requirements that they know of.

It would probably be best to contact people who wouldn't be your direct competitors as they would perhaps be more likely to respond. :)

Hope these suggestions help. Do come back and let us know what you discover.


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