Secrets of molding chocolate

by Lisa
(Sarver, PA)

Hello! I just made animal face chocolate molds with Wilton's chocolate. When I popped them out, the chocolate looked old (white residue on them). Why does this happen?? Is it the chocolate or should I have sprayed something on the molds?


Hi Lisa,

Did you put the molds in the refrigerator or freezer to get the chocolate to set?

It sounds like your chocolate has been discolored (called "bloom") because of a temperature change or condensation. This causes the sugars and/or fats to separate in the chocolate.

Chocolate is very sensitive to water and temperature. Do you think that may have been the problem?


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Feb 12, 2010
Molding Chocolate
by: Lisa

Hello! Thanks for the response! I actually let the molds sit on the counter to harden. I tried something different with some heart shaped molds before pouring the chocolate in them. I put veg. oil on a paper towel and lightly wiped it in the molds and they came out nicely, even with a little shine.

Thanks again!


Feb 12, 2010
molding chocolate
by: Miranda

It does sound like maybe there was some residual water on the mold, or you had a blooming issue. But if you were using the Wilton melts, the bloom is more unlikely. Also, remember that it takes a couple of times of putting chocolate in the molds and releasing for them to get coated with cocoa butter (or whatever Wilton is using in place of cocoa butter for the melts). So, if you don't have much luck turning out fully molded pieces without breakage, please don't be discouraged. During clean-up you should not wash your molds with dish soap because it will remove this coating you have accumulated on the mold, just use warm water instead or just wipe them with a cloth. Hope this helps.

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