Sea Foam Candy

by Alyson
(Chicago, IL)

I can't seem to get my divinity/sea foam candy "foamy."

I have a couple of different recipes for sea foam, and I've failed at each of them so far.

The first time I think I just didn't whip the eggs enough, and I ended up with a sugar brick.

This time I got a little further...but still ended up with just a bunch of small sugar bricks. They aren't fluffy or foamy at all.

I followed the recipe to the letter, so I am getting discouraged. Anyone know how to make it fluffy?

Hi Alyson,

Sea Foam Candy is not one of the candies I've made, so I'm going to have to hope someone else sees your question and comes to the rescue.

Since you mentioned "divinity" I assume you are referring to a candy more similar to that, rather than to a "sponge candy" or "angel food candy."

I know there has been a bit of discussion regarding sponge candy will not stay fluffy so maybe you can get some tips from there in the meantime.

Don't give up hope. Candy making can be a tricky business at times, but it's well worth it! When you get it right, Mmmmmmmm.


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