Ruined Melted Chocolate

by Yvonne
(Austin, TX)

How To Fix Ruined Melted Chocolate

How To Fix Ruined Melted Chocolate

Giving life back to ruined melted chocolate!

So being creative I added food coloring gel to white chocolate bark. Great idea....I thought. I was so bummed when it clumped up!

I didn't know what to do. I got online and discovered there was hope.

But since I had promised my 6 yr old I'd bring chocolate covered marshmallows to her class party I tried to figure it out.

Woohoo! COCONUT OIL!!! That's the trick! I added a little oil into the still warm clumpy chocolate and it smoothed out and became silky once again!!!

~ Yvonne

Hi Yvonne,

Oh dear! Yes, regular food coloring does tend to have that clumping effect on chocolate because it is often water based.

It IS a good idea to color your white chocolate for special occasions, like surprising a 6 year old daughter. ;) You just have to use the right type of coloring.

If you decide to color white chocolate in future, you'll want something like this candy coloring at Candyland Crafts. It's made especially for working with chocolate.

Okay, having said that, I'm so glad to hear that you were able to save your ruined melted chocolate by adding coconut oil to it. That's great news.

Usually chocolate that has seized is not really usable for melting and dipping. It can be used in other recipes, but is so hard to get a thin smooth consistency again.

I've been using coconut oil in my own chocolate dipped candy this Christmas, but I didn't realize that it would work to salvage ruined chocolate. Thanks so much for sharing this tip.

If anyone else accidentally ruins their chocolate with moisture (sometimes even old chocolate just goes clumpy rather than smooth when melting) and is able to salvage it by adding some coconut oil, do let us know using the comment link below.

Merry Christmas!

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Jan 21, 2017
How to fix ruined melted chocolate NEW
by: Kailey

I used vegetable oil in lieu of coconut oil and it worked too. Just a little, add on top of the "mess", microwave 15 second intervals , stir. It works!

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