Rock Candy Didn't Harden

by Sheila
(St Robert Missouri)

My rock candy didn't harden this time!

I have made the recipe many times before. Measured exactly, heated to right temp for length of time. poured on buttered pans. Its like taffy....

Can I recook it again and hope it isn't a waste....Or give up and throw it out??

It was for the Thanksgiving gift boxes and I need to get these finished. Any hints??


email to grandmasgilson(at) please.

Hi Sheila,

The rock candy we used to make as kids didn't involve cooking at all. I think the recipe you may be using is more like what we referred to as "hard tack."

I don't think you can save your candy that flopped. What was the weather like the day you made it? Was it raining or humid? That would affect the way the candy turned out.

If you must make candy on a humid day, try to allow for the humidity by raising the temperature that you cook the candy to by a couple of degrees.

Try using the cold water test to be sure the candy has reached the hard crack stage.

Hope you are able to get the candy done in time for Thanksgiving!


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Oct 29, 2011
Reheating worked
by: Joel

I made a batch which didn't harden completely. I reheated it in the oven until it was back to syrup consistency then boiled it again on the stove top. It hardened soon after it cooled.

Apr 21, 2011
How To Make Rock Candy
by: Angie

Hi Cristy,

Rock Candy is the candy I was referring to. You can't whip up a batch quickly like you can with cooked hard candies.

You actually have to "grow" rock candy using sugar water and a a string hanging down into it.

I've added a video to explain the process. :) Let us know if you decide to make some.

Apr 20, 2011
thank you
by: Cristy

Hi Angie wondering what your recip is for hard candy without cooking it!!!!

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