Retirement Poster for Instructional Technology Consultant

by Cyndi
(Killeen, TX)

Candy Bar Card Retirement Poster

Candy Bar Card Retirement Poster

The Instructional Technology Consultant (or as we refer to her "The Queen of Technology) retired from our school district.

Here is the chocolate candy bar poster we made for her.

We hope you find time in your Retirement to do some (airhead)EXTREME shopping on 5TH AVENUE in New YORK, catch a SYMPHONY, or just slow down and TAKE 5.

We want to thank you for RAISIN(ets) the Technology in this district to a higher level!

You have always taught us NERDS about the WHATCHAMACALLITS with such (Almond)JOY. You made even the biggest DUMDUM feel like a SMARTIE pants.

You have always been a LIFESAVER and we will fall to PIECES without you!

If we search the MILKY WAY we will never find someone as EXTRA(gum) SPECIAL(dark)
as you!

HUGS and KISSES Technology Services

Fantastic! I hope she enjoyed your creativity and all the yummy chocolate. ;-)

Thanks so much for showing it off. Great ideas.

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