Religious Chocolate Easter Candy

Religious Chocolate Easter Candy

I love religious chocolate Easter candy as a lovely way to help celebrate the most momentous and significant event in history!

As a Sunday school teacher and an Auntie to 21 nieces and nephews (and counting), I have a lot of kids to consider for an Easter treat.

I have found that I can sometimes get religious Easter chocolate coins and Easter chocolate eggs with crosses on them for wonderfully cheap prices online.

You can also get adorable little decorative bags to make up individual gifts for a group. You'll find a selection at Candyland Crafts.

On the other hand, you may just want some filler for the bottom of some Easter baskets you are preparing. These work great for that too.

Another idea for Christian Easter Candy is to use molds to make your own Christian chocolate candy.

They have a great selection of molds available at Candyland Crafts and the prices are very good, too.  They are my favorite place for buying candy making supplies

Not only do they have chocolate molds, but they also have the chocolate (regular or in colored melts), cellophane bags, various types of packaging, twist ties, and much more.

Candyland Crafts is so convenient because you can get everything you need all in one place if you like.

Think of the family tradition that you could start by making delicious religious chocolate Easter candy with your own children.

Religious Chocolate Easter Candy

It will be a memory they will treasure through the years.

You can also use this fun, memory building opportunity to teach or reinforce the true meaning of Easter.

You can make a chocolate cross, a lamb (as a reminder of the Lamb of God) or even use the egg to represent the stone being rolled away from the tomb.

If you are intrigued about the possibilities, but unsure how to mold chocolate candy, don't stress it. These links will provide you with simple step-by-step instructions for molding chocolate candy or lollipops.

If you are looking for Christian Easter Candy but want something a little more sophisticated or something ready-made, here are a few choices you might like...

Make this Easter special with chocolate, but don't forget to remember the reason we celebrate this wonderful occasion, Our Risen Lord!

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