Reheating Hard Candy

by Andrew

Does reheating hard candy work?

I tried to make hard candy, but I stopped heating too soon and it didn't reach hard crack. Can I reheat my already-cooled candy until it reaches hard crack, or am I stuck with this soft candy?

Thank you,

Hi Andrew,

The question of whether or not you can reheat your hard candy mixture and try again is a matter for debate and opinion.

For example, some visitors have said that they've had success by reheating their peanut brittle mixture both in the microwave and on the stove top in order to get it to set properly.

The common denominator in all situations is that you have to be extremely careful and watchful to make sure that the candy mixture doesn't burn.

You definitely would have had more luck reheating the candy while it was still warm, but you may still be able to salvage it even though your candy mixture has cooled.

I've got a tremendous sweet tooth, but I'm NOT a science buff. The truth of the matter is that candy making definitely has a lot of science behind it. The way the sugar crystals melt and re-form, etc., is part of the equation and different variables lead to success or failure in candy making.

I personally haven't tried cooking hard candy back down again in an effort to boil it to a higher temperature, so I'm interested in hearing your results. Just go slow and let us know how it turns out for you.

Theoretically, melting hard candy successfully should work. One of the hard candy Christmas recipes calls for melting hard candies in the oven to create a "stained glass" effect. It's a lovely concept.

I'm definitely looking forward to hearing back from you on whether or not reheating hard candy mixture to the required temperature is going to fix your soft candy. Do let us know!


Comments for Reheating Hard Candy

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Jan 24, 2021
Reheating hard candy NEW
by: Maggie

I had extra in the pot and not enough lollipop molds which, of course, solidified while they were cooling. So I just warmed it up to liquid (not to 300 deg) regreased the molds, poured in the melted candy, and it set fine.

Sep 18, 2020
Horehound candy/cough drops
by: Jan

Reheated a batch of very sticky horehound candy that didn't set overnight and it worked. No longer had a candy thermometer so used ice water test.

Dec 16, 2018
It worked! NEW
by: Sarah

Soooo glad I found this question. My BF and I decided to try making the hard tack candy his mom made as a kid. We were successful with our single batch, but the two double batches we made next never fully hardened. Some reading suggested that for double batches you actually have to increase the temp (300-310) beyond that for a single batch (275-280). We tried the advice here. We put it back into a pot with about a 1/4 cup of water, let it melt on a low temp, and then brought it back to a boil. This time we used both the thermometer and the water test just to be sure. We were able to savage both batches!!

Dec 04, 2018
Yes to Reheating hard candy NEW
by: Marsha

Mine got rained I took it upon myself to try reheating..added the same amount of water as in recipe..heated to 310F..Bingo worked!

Jan 08, 2018
Hard ball candy
by: Carla

Good Afternoon,

I am making candy apples for my sons bday party and I was wondering if after taking my sugar mix to 310 if there is way to maintain it in a liquid state for a longer period of time? I have a lot of apples to dip. lol

Thank you in advance for your help.


Dec 30, 2017
Benne(Sesame seed) candy cake
by: Gregory

Benne cake candy (with peanuts) came out crumbly when cooled so crumbled the whole lot in a pot and reheated with water covering about 2" of batch. Came out perfect.Echoes

Dec 14, 2017
Reheating hard tack candy that's under done
by: Patricia

I've made this candy for 40 yrs and totally messed up this time.
Heated to 300 because that's what the new candy instructions say,guess what,sticky results. I put it in a saucepan added some water,kept stirring until it was all liquid and cooked it up to 310 degrees added a teaspoon more flavoring poured it out as usual and it was perfect. So thankful for this sight.

Aug 05, 2017
by: Pam

Watch out for a really humid day. I have made this recipe before and it was perfect but today when we reached 86% humidity and its over 80 degrees there was no way this would set up.

Jul 09, 2017
Fireball candy

I am wanting to make cinnamon fireball candy. Could I melt store bought cinnamon hard candy and mix it with fireball whisky and then let it set?

May 27, 2017
Reheated candy
by: Mar

I reheated my hard candy because it didn't set.. stuck to your teeth. I put it in aoan with a little water and turn on heat to med until it was all melted stirring. Once melted I turned heat up to high and watch until candy thermotor got to 325 330 . Took it off heat and pour into cookie sheet. it worked. I was worried because it had cooled, I addedcolor and f

Mar 09, 2017
Reheating hard candy
by: JoAnn Aud

Well I just tried it. It was toffee and what I did was I didn't wait till I got a hard it didn't reach the temperature I wanted to cuz a candy thermometer broke so I pulled it off guessing and guessed wrong. as it was soft and it was cooling down I put it in a glass bowl that was microwavable and I put it on for 3 minutes. The butter separated but not all of it it's not a nice pretty shape but I'll be done it worked yay me yay microwaves..

Dec 29, 2016
It works!
by: Pandora

For some reason my almond roca didn't go to hard crack. I was reluctant to try reheating it again to hard crack, but what did I have to lose? I reheated it with 1/4 cup water and kept my eye on it. I really don't think my thermometer helped. Neither did dropping a little bit into cold water. I just kind of went by time and color. It turned out perfect. Good thing because it's not inexpensive to make. I'm a happy girl.

Nov 23, 2016
Reheat candy
by: Jackie

I reheated my cinnamon hard rock candy. Added a little water to the pan and stirred constantly. Cooked to 325 degrees and it turned out great.
Thanks for the tips.

Nov 12, 2016
Sugar glass flop

My sugar glass didn't hardened how do I make it harden and what is the cold method for cing temp

Oct 14, 2016
Deer candy
by: Joy

I am making candy for the deer some didn't set up vote nuts safflower in it can I melt and try again

Apr 14, 2016
reheating hard candy mixture
by: Mrs V

I was making alcohol lollipops for a bridal party and i only had for candy molds so i had to wait for those to harden before i could use the rest of the candy mixture. which had already begin hardening in the pan. basically you can reheat your candy mixture by just adding some water a tip i got from one of the answers on here and it worked you just have to bring it back to a boil and start that process all over again until it reaches the crack hard stage again. so yes it can be done

Mar 17, 2012
Reheating Hard Candy
by: Anonymous

I am currently making hard candy suckers for Easter. I also didn't have enough molds for the candy! While I was letting the first batch of suckers set up I tried to reheat the candy after it had already started to set. I added about 1/4 cup of water. I brought it to a boil and stirred frequently until it was all liquid once again. I am boiling it to 300 and then I am gonna take it off the heat and proceed with another batch of suckers! It can be done!

Dec 19, 2011
Reheat Hard Candy
by: Angie

Hi Tam,

I don't think you'll have much luck reheating hard candy mix if it has already set, but you could give it a try. You'll probably need to add a bit of water and then cook it longer to reach the 300 degree F. hard crack stage, giving the water a chance to evaporate.

I'm not 100% sure that will work without burning the mix, but I'll be interested in hearing if it does!

If the situation occurs again that you have more mix than molds, you can use the remaining candy to make "hard tack" candy right away rather than worry about what to do with the excess hard candy mix after the fact.

Just pour the remaining hot mixture onto a buttered/oiled cookie sheet. Butter your hands and start cutting the warm candy into small pieces and roll between your palms to keep from having too many sharp edges.

You can then toss the candy pieces in powdered sugar and store in an airtight jar. This makes nice bite-sized pieces of candy and you don't have to waste a drop of your mix.

Hope that helps!

Dec 19, 2011
Reheat Hard Candy Mix
by: Tam

I wanted to know if I would be able to reheat hard candy mix? I made a pot of hard candy and I didn't have enough molds so, I have a half pot sitting.

I wanted to know if I can reheat it and if it still would be good?? Please Help Me!!!

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