Recipe for Chocolate Fudge

by Kelly

I have a recipe for chocolate fudge, but I'm having trouble with it.

It says to mix the 3 1/3 cups of sugar, 1 cup of brown sugar, 1 can of evaporated milk and 1 cup of butter. This is at medium heat and once it has dissolved bring it to a rapid boil.

This is the part I think I'm getting stuck as I'm not sure if "bring to a rapid boil" means turning up the heat and that is why I think the fudge is not working out.

Once you have done the first 4 ingredients you are supposed to remove from burner and add 32 halved marshmallows, 2 cups chocolate chips, 2 baking squares both semisweet then add 14 ounces of milk chocolate bars.

The last part is to add 1 tsp of vanilla and 2 cups of pecans which you fold in.

I have done it twice and it was good but then oil would rise to the top and another time it was too soft.

I have not changed anything else in the recipe that's why I'm thinking it has to do with the boiling part of it.

Thank you.

Hi Kelly,

You shouldn't have to turn the heat up higher in order to get your fudge mixture to boil. Medium heat should do the trick.

Usually when making fudge on the stove you want to get it to a particular temperature or for a certain length of time.

If you are having trouble with the fudge being too soft, you may need to boil it a little longer. If you have a candy thermometer, try to get the mixture to about 230 F.

How much oil is rising to the top of your fudge? If it's just a little, just dab it with a paper towel and don't worry about it.

The oil separation may be caused by the fact that you raised the heat when cooking, but as long as the fudge still tastes great, I'd just wipe off the excess and enjoy the fudge! ;)


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