Raspberry Jam Instead of Raspberry Puree

Can you use Raspberry Jam instead of Raspberry puree for making Raspberry Jelly candies? Additionally, isn't paraffin wax? I didn't know it was edible.

All my life I have ADORED Raspberry Jelly Candy. I now have a special friend who likes is also. I've recently gotten into candy making and cake decorating.

I looked up the recipe for Raspberry Jellies and was taken by surprise by the addition of paraffin to the recipe. Is there an edible paraffin or is it the same paraffin used to make candles?

Additionally, can I use bottled Raspberry Jam/Jelly or should I make Raspberry puree?

Thank you so much.

Hi Marie,

I think your choice of raspberry jam or raspberry puree is just a matter of preference and taste. Either one should do nicely and be delicious!

Yes, paraffin IS wax. :) Paraffin is also sometimes called Parawax, Cooking Wax, or Bakers Wax. Paraffin is probably not the healthiest option, but the small amount used probably isn't going to make that great a difference in the long run.

There are different types of paraffin wax made from different sources. You wouldn't want to use the paraffin that is for candles, but rather the kind that is used typically in cooking and canning.

Have you ever noticed the shiny, glossy finish you see on apples, etc., at the grocery store? Guess what it most likely is? Yep, paraffin.

You'll find that a little bit of paraffin melted with your chocolate will help your candy to set up more firmly and make the chocolate smoother.

People have been using paraffin wax in candy making for many years. It's up to you if you'd like to "run the risk." :)

Let us know how your Raspberry chocolates turn out. How about showing off the finished product? We'd love to see them and grab the recipe from you, too.

Have fun!

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