Question regarding chocolate caramel pretzel rods

Every Christmas I make caramel chocolate dipped pretzel rods. For years I use to purchase a block of caramel from a local candy shoppe and I would roll pieces into ropes and then wrap them around 3/4 of the pretzel rod then dip that into milk chocolate.

I'd decorate them for Christmas after they had dried. A few years ago I started making my own caramel for caramel apples. So I decided instead of spending $$$ for caramel I'd use my homemade one.

The problem was, I'd wrap the rope around the pretzel rod but when I'd dip it in the chocolate, the caramel would start to lose its shape. Could it be because the caramel recipe I use is "buttery caramel" and that type of caramel just won't sustain the warm chocolate?

Or should I try cooking the caramel to the next cooking stage point? Right now I cook it to firm ball stage but should I cook it to hard ball stage instead?

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Dec 20, 2011
Salvage Soft Caramel NEW
by: Angie

Hi Mary,

You can try reheating your caramel by slowly bringing the candy mixture back up to the boil and then bring it to 250 degrees F. before removing it from the heat.

You may find that you need to add a little water to help cook the candy down so it doesn't burn, but it will evaporate again as you boil the candy mixture.

Hope you get the firm caramel you want the second time around. Let us know how it turns out for you!

Dec 20, 2011
Salvaging Homemade Caramel NEW
by: Mary

I made homemade caramel and it did not harden. I think I did not let it get to 240 when boiling. Is there any way to salvage it?

Dec 20, 2011
Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Rods NEW
by: Angie

I'd say you probably do need to bring the temperature of your caramel to 250 degrees Fahrenheit to get the desired firmness to wrap around your pretzel rods before dipping them in the chocolate.

You also need to be careful not to dip the pretzels when the chocolate is too hot. The heat of the chocolate can definitely affect the shape of the caramel.

Chocolate has a very low melting point, but I think most of us have a natural tendency to overheat our chocolate when melting. It's really not necessary, and you usually will get a better finish on your candy if you keep the temperature of the chocolate low.

When you get the chocolate too hot, it loses any temper that it had, so your "finish" won't be quite as nice as it could be.

Hope you find that this Christmas your chocolate caramel pretzel rods turn out perfectly! :)

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