Putting Chocolate Filling Into Molds

by Rachel

I have a question about putting chocolate filling into molds.

So I found this really simple recipe to make chocolates, however it requires setting the filling in a square baking pan first, cutting them into squares and then coating them with chocolate.

I was wondering if I could put the filling into chocolate molds, set it in there, then pop them out and then coat them with chocolate.

However I am concerned that the filling will get stuck in the molds, so would this be possible?

Hi Rachel,

Putting chocolate filling into molds shouldn't be a problem. I'd suggest you use spray a bit of vegetable oil lightly in the molds first to be sure they do release easily.

Better yet, since you are planning on covering the filling with chocolate, why not do this and save your work load (and get a much nicer finish)...

  • Melt your chocolate for the coating. Fill the molds and let them set for about 5-10 minutes. You want the chocolate to start to set, but not all the way.

  • Tip the molds over the bowl to let the excess chocolate drain out, leaving a nice "chocolate shell" in the mold.

  • Let the shell set completely and then add your filling. If you want the fillings to be completely covered in chocolate, leave a little room at the top (don't fill completely).

  • Once the filling has set, you can add a little more melted chocolate to finish them off.

When they are completely set, you can just pop them out of the mold (if they don't slide out easily, tap them gently upside down on the counter top).

You'll have beautifully filled candy with your filling inside and chocolate on the outside!

Let us know how they turn out for you. If you can take photos to show us -- even better!


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