Put Chocolate In The Freezer?

by Julie
(Altlanta, GA)

Is It Okay To Put Chocolate In The Freezer?

Is It Okay To Put Chocolate In The Freezer?

I read a little on line that it was ok to put chocolate in the freezer in a mold. So, I have done so.

I am making chocolate lollypops and little chocolate pieces. I had been putting everything back in the freezer after I unmolded it.

The last time I took the tray out of the freezer to add more lollypops, I noticed all of the chocolate started sweating!

I have been reading that it was absolutely wrong to freeze the chocolate. Ok, mistake made. Is there anything I can do now so that the chocolate I have molded can still be used for my daughter's party this Saturday?

All of the chocolate is milk chocolate. I have put the chocolate on wax paper with a paper towel on top and it's in the fridge.

Should I bring it back to room temperature? Will it all melt? Will the chocolate be gray or some other yucky color? Will people be able to pick up the chocolates with out it all being a big mess??

Thank you for your help!!

Hi Julie,

It can sometimes be okay to put chocolate in the freezer or fridge to help it set (or even to store it for later use), but you DO run the risk of "chocolate bloom."

I am currently living in a tropical climate, so during the summer months there is no alternative. I have to put the chocolate in the freezer or fridge unless I want chocolate soup!

In a situation like mine, your best bet is to only chill the chocolate for a short while just to get
it to set and then put it in an airtight container to help reduce the chances of bloom during long term storage.

Also, when you remove chocolate from the fridge or freezer, it is best to let it come to room temperature while it is still covered. This will help reduce the condensation (sweating) like you are experiencing.

Unless you are in a hot environment, your chocolates for your daughter's birthday should be fine for Saturday. No puddles and muddles to worry about. I think the worst you might expect is some discoloration (which won't affect the taste, just the appearance).

If you are careful, you can probably eliminate that concern too.

Bring the chocolates out and let them come to room temperature, but keep them covered while you are doing that. You want the condensation to form on the container, rather than the chocolate.

The chocolate shouldn't melt at room temperature unless you have added something to it or heated it too high when melting to get it so out of temper that it doesn't set properly at room temp.

Don't wait till Saturday to test this. Go ahead and bring it to room temp now and see how it looks. If there IS a problem, you can always remelt the chocolate and re-mold them. I know it's a pain, but at least you won't be wasting the chocolate.

I hope the chocolate lollipops and molded pieces turn out great for you and for your daughter's party. Let me know. Also, send along some photos if you can so we can see. I'll add them to this page. :)


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Aug 14, 2017
Sweated chocolate
by: Mskumar

Hi i am prepare home made chocolate. But freeze chocolate molud after chocolate Sweat and melt before backing how can i do plz ans me i am waiting for ur reply

Jan 18, 2013
Condensation on Chocolate?
by: Angie from chocolate-candy-mall.com

Hi Julie,

Glad to help! Do you mean that the chocolate still looks damp even after it has completely come to room temperature and has been setting for a bit? :(

Have you tampered with one to try and determine whether it is fat or water?

I guess you could try dabbing it with a soft cotton cloth (like cheesecloth or something) to see if you can eliminate that residue.

Have they all ended up with that finish or just a few?


Jan 18, 2013
great advice
by: Julie

Hey Angie,

Thanks so much for your advice. Now I know for next time. I actually did as you advised-I took out 2 lollipops and let them come to room temperature and they were time, a little tacky and they still looked liked they had condensation on them, but they totally held their shape. I let the rest come to room temp w paper towels on top of them. Then I put them in an air-tight Rubbermaid container that I lined with plastic wrap & separated each level with wax paper. Think there's anything I can do, short of re-making it all, to get rid of what appears to be condensation, but what might just be oil/fat from the chocolate?

Thank you again for your terrific advice and prompt response.

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