Problem in Freezing Chocolate

by margi shah
(surat, gujarat, india)

I have problem in freezing chocolate and flavoring. After freezing it's seized on chocolate, then I can't wrap chocolate easily.

Please help me out and give me some other ideas for filling chocolates .

If you have any new idea for making different style of chocolate, send it to me please.

Hi Margi,

I'm not sure I understand your question about the problem in freezing chocolate. Let me see if I understand what you are asking.

Are you making cream filled chocolate candy using candy molds?

What recipe are you using for the filling? Are you freezing them so that they will set more quickly?

Freezing chocolate for too long may cause the chocolates to develop a discoloration, but it shouldn't cause them to 'seize.'

If you feel you MUST place your molded chocolates in the freezer, try to limit the time they are in there. I'd check them every 10 minutes and remove them as soon as they are firm.

How are you wrapping the chocolates? What is the problem that you are having with the wrapping? Is the wrapper sticking to the chocolate or something? Please be more specific.

For more ideas for recipes and flavors for cream filled chocolates, check out the page on fondant and the page on cream filled chocolate candy flavors.

That should give you plenty of ideas to try. You can even experiment with some of your Indian spices. You'd be surprised at what goes well with chocolate. :)

Hope that helps some!

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Nov 05, 2012
Freezing Molded Chocolates NEW
by: Angie from

When you remove the chocolate from the molds, let them sit without wrapping them until they reach room temperature again.

If you wrap them while they are still cold, the condensation will build up and make them sticky, leaving marks on your wrapper.

Storing molded chocolates at room temperature is fine as long as the room temperature isn't too warm. :)


Nov 05, 2012
chocolates NEW
by: Anonymous

hi i am making homemade chocolates... using a coating chocolate and mold. after plCing the filled mold in the freezer...they set fast. but qhen i take them out and wrap them....the wrapper mKes marks on the chocoates.... what could be the problem. and how to prevent them frm melting? i hv to store them T room temperature , not in the fride as i wana use them as gifts

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