Pretzel Cakes

by Leanna Mandeville
(Howell, Mi)

I have a new creation called Pretzel Cakes.

I absolutely hate wasting anything, so when I got done making chocolate covered pretzels I tried to find any way possible to put all the broken ones to good use.

I didn't have a lot of supplies, so I took them all, put them in a ziplock baggie and smashed them into small, but not tiny, pieces.

I then took the only round thing I could think of for a chocolate mold, the bottom of a 1 cup measuring cup, filled it with melted chocolate and then covered the tops completely with broken pretzel fragments. When they cooled I popped it out of the cup and had a cool round chocolate covered in the usually wasted broken pretzels.

All of the pieces that did not stick to the chocolate fell off and were used to make another one. They're really quite good because you can taste the chocolate and the pretzel without the chocolate taking over.

I'm not really sure why I chose the name Pretzel cakes, as cake has nothing to do with them, but the name stuck. I still have not thought of another mold beside a measuring cup, but I'm still working on it.

Hi Leanna,

I love your pretzel cakes. I'm not overly creative myself, but I love using other people's ideas, so I'm so glad you took the time to share it.

I love the saltiness of pretzels combined with the sweetness of chocolate, so this clever way of not losing a morsel is ingenious! ;)

As for mold options, if you don't actually have a round candy mold to use, you could use a cupcake pan (regular size or mini). Those new silicon cupcake pans have become really popular and would allow you to make up to a dozen pretzel cakes at once if you like.

Thanks again for telling us about how to make use of those chocolate covered pretzels "extras."


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