Preserving Truffles

by Joshua Dale

I need some help with ideas for the best way of preserving truffles to give them a long shelf life.

I've been making truffles now for around 3 years and have got to the stage now where I want to start to sell them.

However, I need to improve their shelf life from a few weeks to a few months can anyone help?

I'd really appreciate any advice you may be able to give me.


Hi Joshua,

Sorry it took me so long to get your question posted. I've had a glitch in my software and only received notification of your submission today. Apologies for that!

Tell us more about what kind of truffles you are making and how you want to market them.

Do your truffles need to be refrigerated, or can they be left at room temperature (as long as it isn't too hot)?

Do you plan to sell them locally, or are you wanting to market them online and ship them via courier or the postal system?

The answers to these questions will help other visitors give you better advice specific to your particular situation.

There are many types of truffles that will automatically have a long shelf life by nature of the fact that they don't contain ingredients that need to be refrigerated.

Completely enrobing your truffles in chocolate is another way that will naturally lengthen the shelf life of most truffles.

Give us a little more detail and let's see what kind of advice some of our visitors can offer you.


Comments for Preserving Truffles

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Mar 24, 2015
making truffles shelf life longer
by: jamie

Adding between 5-8% invert sugar will prolong your truffles' shelf life to ~6 weeks here is a great book to have Fine Chocolates: Great Experience

Dec 07, 2014
Would like to see the answer to the longer lasting truffle please.
by: Candy Girl

I always want to know how to extend the life of candy, but truffles seem to be the hardest. Any comments?

Oct 02, 2013
Truffle longevity
by: GelatoGal

We are having the same problem and looking for tips to extend the shelf life of our new truffle line.

We make the Ganesh with chocolate (callebout), heavy cream and butter. We then temper additional chocolate and enrobe the center.

We have a glass display case for the candy. It used to be a pastry case so there are a couple of cool fluorescent light strips for illumination. It is not temperature controlled. It has sliding rear doors.

Our candy is fantastic for about a week then the enrobing chocolate becomes soft and the truffle lacks the 'zing' it should have.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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