Presentation of Finished Lollipops

by Margie
(Wakefield, MA USA)

Do you have any ideas for a presentation of finished lollipops?

I am making 50 first communion lollipops as a gift but need ideas on how to serve them? I don't want to just place them in a basket.

I was thinking of a Terracotta planting pot and painting that then using Styrofoam inside it to glue a Styrofoam cone onto so the cone sits up higher, then putting the lollipop sticks into the cone?

Will this work or does anyone have any other ideas? I would like to use the pops as a centerpiece for guests to take as a favor.

The pops are around 2 1/2 inches in a circle and will also make some cross-shaped ones, too.

Thank you.

Hi Margie,

Sounds like your idea is pretty clever. Do you know how big the tables will be? How many seats per table?

If they are smaller, you could possibly use mugs with foam in them to mount your lollipops to create several smaller centerpieces.

The only other idea I can think of off the top of my head would be to make a lollipop tree using a small wooden stand with small holes drilled into it just big enough to hold the lollipop sticks.

I hope you'll take some photos and show them off for us when you get them done. :)

Anyone else have any good ideas for Margie's presentation of finished lollipops.


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