Preschool Crafts For Mothers Day

Preschool Crafts For Mothers Day

If you're planning to do preschool crafts for Mothers day, sometimes stepping outside the box is more fun.

There are different variations of crafts that can be done but I think the best ones are the ones that doubles as gifts for Mom!

When it comes to Mothers day crafts there really is no limit to creativity.

While I love the homemade cards there is one craft that I think is really special and is the perfect memory keeper for mom.  I call them "Mom boxes."

I remember making these boxes with my brother when we were in preschool together.

They were so much fun to make and even more fun to share with our Mother.

The best thing about these Mom boxes is that each one can be different, from the decorations, to the writing, and right down to what you want to put in it.

The supplies for this Mother's Day craft are everyday items that any craft enthusiast, like me, keeps on hand at all times. You may need other specialty supplies depending on the type of box your making.

One of my favorite preschool crafts for Mothers Day is the "picture box." For this project the basics you will need are:

  • small to medium cardboard box (shoe box or one from acraft store)
  • construction paper
  • popsicle sticks
  • picture

Other supplies can be anything in your imagination! Because each child is different, I would keep all different types of things on hand including, cotton balls, glitter, glue pens, markers, pipe cleaners, and so much more!

  1. To start, cover the cardboard box in the construction paper using glue. It would be neat to use the child's favorite color!

    ***Make sure the lid and the base of the box are covered separately.

  2. The picture of the child can go wherever they want, but I think it looks great right in the center. Just tape the edges of the picture onto the box and use the Popsicle sticks to cover the tape by gluing them like a frame around the picture.

    ***Another tip is if you're going to color the sticks, do it before hand and allow them to dry before placing on the picture!

  3. Cut a rectangle out of a different color of construction paper and write the date on it and the child can write whatever they wish. Most preschoolers are only able to write their name, so encourage them to draw whatever they wish!

  4. Glue the "mini card" to the side of the box so Mom will always remember when she received it.

  5. Now is when the creativity can kick in. Each child can draw and glue whatever they want to, wherever they want in order to decorate the box.

    I remember one of the Mom boxes that I made my Mother. :~) I had glued little scraps of hearts and butterflies all over it!

Finally, we come to the surprise, the inside! Once you have the boxes all complete, you can have the children put whatever you want inside, but of course, I prefer chocolate or homemade gifts.

Some ideas are handmade charm bracelets (depending on how young the child is, watch out for choking hazards!) I also think that sweets that they make in class would also be a good treat!

Preschool crafts for Mothers day should be made with fun and love because there is really nothing more precious then a child taking pride in something they made with their own two little hands.

~Shared by Kate

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