Poisonous Truffles?

by Nikki

How to avoid making poisonous truffles?

I was wondering since I wanted to make a special truffle for my valentine if there is some fruit or edible berries that can't be mixed with the chocolate for truffles?

I don't want to accidentally make him sick but I want to make a truffle that describes him.

I was thinking like; a current berry or mango or perhaps kiwi. I don't think citrus will work well though.


Hi Nikki,

Homemade truffles are a great idea for a Valentines Day gift for your love. I know of absolutely no ingredient that you can't mix with chocolate unless that ingredient is already poisonous in and of itself.

No arsenic truffles allowed! :)

You could even use citrus without any worry. What did you have in mind for the truffle recipe?

One idea is to use a cream cheese, sugar, and fruit mixture for the center and then dip that in chocolate.

Another idea is to make a ganache with cream, chocolate, and your chosen fruit. This can then be dipped in melted chocolate or rolled in nuts, coconut, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or whatever else you might come up with.

Just take a look at the various chocolate truffles recipes that we have listed and "tweak" it by substituting some of the ingredients that you have in mind to make your own unique concoction that describes your love for Valentines Day.

By the way, I don't know if you noticed, but we are having a Valentines Day Ideas Contest, so be sure to take some photos, and share your recipe and idea so that you can be in the running for one of our fantastic prizes.

Besides, I'm dying to hear what you come up with and how he likes it. :)

Have fun!

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