Peppermint Fudge Way Too Soft

by Catherine
(Ocala, FL)

Peppermint fudge way too soft and sticky - not hardened...

I followed my recipe that I have made a hundred times, but I have changed from crushed mint pieces to mint chips melted in.

I think that is what is making my fudge too soft. I am at a loss. I have never had this happen.

Could it be the oil in the peppermint chips?

I use:

1 can of condensed Milk
16 ounce of chocolate chips
1 hand full of peppermint chips
4 tsp of butter

Heat and once combined and mixed together, I pour in pan and cool in fridge for 4 hours. Then I cut them up and serve.

Please, any help would be great.

Hi Catherine,

I suppose the change in the ration of the chips to the condensed milk may have caused the change in the results of your fudge since that is the only you change you've made.

If you want to salvage the batch of peppermint fudge that's way too soft, you can add a bit of evaporated milk and/or powdered sugar to it as you reheat it. Cook it a bit longer and stir it really good and that should thicken it up.

I really hope that does the trick for you. Please do let us know if you are able to salvage your batch of peppermint fudge.


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