Peppermint Bark Candy Is Staying Tacky

by Paty
(Melbourne, FL)

My peppermint bark candy is staying tacky.

I melted white chocolate chunks (choc only - I added nothing) and poured onto wax paper and then added broken peppermint stick pieces to the top, but the candy is not getting much more firm than it was when hot.

What can I do to salvage the peppermint bark?

Hi Paty,

Is there a lot of humidity in your area today? That may be the problem.

Did you try popping the peppermint bark into the fridge to set for a little bit?

Since you didn't add anything to the chocolate when melting, the only thing I can think of is either you heated it to too high a temperature or there is too much heat and/or humidity in the air.

Sorry I can't be of much more help! Try the fridge and let me know if it does the trick.


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