Peanut Butter Balls Sticking To Dipping Tools

by Susan
(Yucca Valley, California, USA)

Tips For Dipping Peanut Butter Balls

Tips For Dipping Peanut Butter Balls

Every time I make my peanut butter balls (creamy peanut butter, no rice krispies), I'm having trouble with the peanut butter balls sticking to my dipping tools.

I put them in the freezer for a bit while I slowly melt a Ghirardelli chocolate bar in the microwave to try to keep it in temper.

When it comes time to dip, I place a peanut butter ball on my dipping tool and try to do this as quick as possible, but they always soften and literally melt around my dipping tools.

I've tried a plastic fork, but the same thing happens. By the time the excess chocolate has dripped off, the ball is stuck to the dipping tool and sometimes even tears in half when I'm trying to free the dipping tool.

I've tried all three of my dipping tools: a two-prong fork, a three-prong fork and a spiral thing.

Is my chocolate too warm? Are the metal dipping tools I'm using conducting heat?

I just want my candies to look closer to professional. At this rate I have seen no improvement. Help!


Hi Susan,

I absolutely love chocolate covered peanut butter balls. They are a an old family favorite.

You said you are using creamy peanut butter and no rice krispies. Can I assume you are using a recipe like my
favorite buckeye candy that includes peanut butter, butter, vanilla, and powdered sugar?

If that's the case, first let me suggest that you be sure to add enough powdered sugar so that your peanut butter ball mixture is somewhat stiff and not sticky at all.

You can always add more than the recipe calls for until you get the right consistency. The stiffer/dryer the mixture, the less it will melt or stick to the dipping tool.

Secondly, I would suggest that you chill the balls in the refrigerator instead of the freezer. You don't need them to be frozen, just firm.

I know exactly what you mean about the peanut butter balls sticking to your dipping tools. I've had the same experience on plenty of occasions.

I find it usually happens when I am tapping off the excess chocolate. That tap, tap, tap seems to cause the dipping fork or tool to dig into the underside of the peanut butter ball.

If you can keep the warm enough to be thin, but not too hot you'll have the best success. You'll need less tapping if the chocolate isn't too thick. Try just scraping the bottom of the dipping tool along the edge of the chocolate container and complete the process as quickly as possible.

Hope that helps. Do let us know!
Angie from

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Dec 08, 2017
Hand dip. NEW
by: Marie

use your clean or clean gloved hands to dip the peanutbutter balls. look for the chocolate truffle video by hercules chocolates for tips.

Dec 30, 2016
Peanut Butter Balls NEW

I use 2 cups of graham cracker crumbs along with 1 box of powdered sugar, a jar of creamy peanut butter and 2 sticks of melted butter. I dip mine in almond bark with a 3 pronged fork and beat the excess chocolate off on the side of the pan and then use a knife to slide it off my fork. They turn out perfect. Shirlene Jackson

Feb 20, 2015
by: susan

Thank you,Ruth. That's a great idea!

Feb 19, 2015
mold it
by: Ruth

Try using your peanut filling in a chocolate truffle mold; this way you won't have to make it any sweeter or firmer.

Dec 19, 2013
Better Peanut Butter Balls
by: Angie from

Hi Susan,

A little salt might enhance the flavor but I don't necessarily think it will cut the sweetness. The only suggestions I can make in that regard is to either...

1. Try using a peanut butter with no sugar added (they tend to be less oily, too, in my experience so less powdered sugar may be needed to get the desired consistency.

2. Try adding something else to the mixture to give it more body. I made a really yummy chocolate covered peanut butter ball last Christmas that had crushed pretzels in it. ;)

Hope that helps. Let me know!

Dec 18, 2013
Peanut butter balls
by: Susan

Angie, thank you so much for replying so soon! Yes, I'm using a recipe similar to your buckeyes. I will follow your advice and try adding more powdered sugar. Since I don't like them too sweet, should I add a little salt to offset the sweetness?

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