Paraffin in Peanut Brittle?

by Lane

What is the reason of putting paraffin in peanut brittle?

Hi Lane,

I'm not sure why a person would put paraffin in peanut brittle. I can understand putting a small amount of melted chocolate to cover the peanut brittle. After all, everything tastes better covered in chocolate! :)

The paraffin in melted chocolate is to help keep the chocolate smooth and set nicely when it hardens.


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Jan 22, 2018
Using Paraffin in Peanut Brittle NEW
by: Angie from

Thanks Christopher! I really appreciate you explaining that for us. That's a very interesting bit of science that works in candy making. I do love peanut brittle but don't like ruining my teeth while eating it. Paraffin must be the secret ingredient that helps it be more light and airy and easier on the teeth. :) Thanks again for sharing!

Jan 11, 2018
Paraffin in Peanut Brittle NEW
by: Christopher T.

Paraffin added to peanut brittle greatly enhances the texture. It will have a soft, delicate crunch that is easy on the teeth. Without the paraffin, the brittle will be much harder and difficult to chew, which is why many people avoid peanut brittle.

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