Paper Used To Wrap Fudge

by Cathy

Waxed tissue paper for wrapping fudge, candies, and sweets of all sorts!

Waxed tissue paper for wrapping fudge, candies, and sweets of all sorts!

What kind of paper is used to wrap fudge?

I make fudge to give as gifts for the holidays. I have noticed at places that sell fudge they use a very thin transparent paper.

It isn't wax paper or parchment paper, and the fudge doesn't stick to it. Does anyone know what the name of this paper is?

Thanks for your help and suggestions,

(**See update below!)

Hi Cathy,

Would you be referring to glassine wrappers, I wonder? I'm not quite certain what type of paper you are referring to, but if you have a shop that sells fudge locally, why not ask them?

They may even be willing to sell you some of their paper for a small fee. Let us know if you find out a specific name for the kind of paper used to wrap fudge there.

Meanwhile, you may want to look at the confectioners paper, foils, etc., available at Candyland Crafts.

Have fun!
~Angie from


Thanks to a generous reader (Rochelle, who left a comment below), we've got the right name for the paper used to wrap fudge and other confectioneries.

It's called Bakery Waxed Tissue Paper and is available there at Amazon, believe it or not. ;)

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Jul 09, 2014
How did the special wax paper work out for you? NEW
by: The Fudge Lady


How did this wax paper work out for you? I have used regular wax paper on my fudge before, it seemed to "dry" the fudge out tho. I'm really interested to hear if it effected your fudge in any way.

I have been using a "professional strength" plastic wrap to wrap my fudge in. It actually works great.


Jun 18, 2014
Thank you Everyone! NEW
by: Cathy


Thank you so much for all your help! I was able to find the waxed tissue paper. I really appreciate everyones input in my search for this product!


Nov 17, 2013
Gumdrop Fudge NEW
by: Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

Hi Cathy,

Try this recipe from one of my favorite places (Taste of Home) for Gumdrop Fudge. I'm going to make it, too, in the next few weeks (as it sounded so delish) and will add it to the website, so DO send me some of your photos and thoughts to include on the new page.

I'm going to have to make some adjustments to the recipe as I don't have gumdrops handy here in Australia, but I can improvise with gummy bears or something similar. ;)

Thanks for bringing this idea to my attention. Keep me posted on all of your holiday projects. I very much love finding new contributors to showcase here at Chocolate Candy Mall.

Nov 16, 2013
Thank you NEW
by: Cathy

Thank you both for your help! I really appreciate it. Have you every made a gumdrop nougat fudge? Like the one made by calico cottage. It's a white fudge with gumdrops. I have been trying to find a recipe everywhere and just can't seem to get it right. Any suggestions?

Nov 16, 2013
Paper Used To Wrap Fudge, etc. NEW
by: Angie from

Thanks Rochelle! That was a great find and I was able to locate the waxed tissue paper at a really decent price, so I added it above.

There are other places where you can order it, but the prices were quite a bit higher. It pays to shop around!

This little tip will make it so much handier to create holiday goodies for friends and family and present it in a lovely way. Thanks again!

Nov 15, 2013
Hi, Cathy NEW
by: Rochelle

I had the same question. I asked at a local bakery and was told it is waxed tissue paper. I was then able to find "dry waxed tissue sheets". I believe it is the same thing used to grab donuts at the bakery.

Good luck!

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