Over the Hill - FUNNY!!!

by JJ

Thought I'd share the B-day chocolate candy bar card sign I created for an Over the Hill friend. Not a lot of time to do much extra foo-foo, but I thought you'd enjoy it.

In case you can't read the sign completely, the wording is listed below:

Happy 60th Birthday Dinosaur ______

Now that you've reach 60, Take 5 and make a Fastbreak!

Do you hear a Symphony of Snickers?

Do your bones Krackel and Crunch?

Have your Whoppers turned to Milk Duds?

Have you begun acting like a Butterfinger? Pace like a Turtle?

Has the ol' Whatchamacallit gone to the Milky Way?

Have you Skor ed...a woman to put you into Orbit?

If so, You'd better make sure your Runts are still Kissable..

Don't worry! Take it in Stride ...Before York body turns to Toxic Waste.

Now n Later you'll be Good & Plenty if you're still feeling like a 100 Grand!

Happy 60th Birthday!

From your a Mazing
Smarties and SweetTarts

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