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Did you know that you can often find chocolate nonpareils on eBay and Amazon? 

They are such a delightful old favorite that I need to be reunited with them every now and then.  You may not think to go to Amazon or eBay for your candy needs, but I've discovered they are great places to snag a bargain.

Kids love nonpareils candy because of the sprinkles on top and, of course, for their delicious taste. If you've never had the pleasure, give them a try.

My favorite chocolate non-pareils are the old original version that are traditionally dark chocolate with the white sprinkles on top.  These days you can find them in white, milk, and dark chocolate as well as in pastel colored chocolate compound. 

As for the sprinkles on top, you can usually choose from white or rainbow colored accents.  The variety comes in handy if you are trying to match a wedding or party theme. 

You might remember going to the movies as a kid and enjoying Sno-caps with your friends.  A lesser known brand (or at lesser known to me) is Flicks. 

These days you can also get non pareils made by Asher's, Trader Joe's, and various other popular candy makers. Some of the best I've tasted I picked up at a little Amish store in Ohio. 

If you're specifically looking for one of those brands or another variety and you don't see them listed below, just click through to eBay or Amazon and use their search feature with the specific description that you are after.  That's the way to get the best results.

Remember that nonpareils can refer to the chocolate candy circles with the sprinkles on top, or just the sprinkles themselves when used in candy making or cake decorating.

If you want to make your own nonpareil candy, it's simple. Melt your milk or dark chocolate, drop or pipe small circles of the chocolate on grease proof paper and sprinkle your chosen nonpareils on top before it sets.

Today may be your lucky day and you could find both sorts of nonpareil candy on auction today at eBay. Have a peek and see for yourself.

The Nonpareils On eBay & Amazon Today

Here are some of my favorites from Amazon and some of the current listings on eBay.  I hope you spot exactly what you want! 

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