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Nonpareils Chocolate is a traditional and old fashioned favorite that many of us remember fondly from our childhood. 

Whether it was at the movies, at the circus, or some other fun-filled outing, chocolate non pareils, like Sno-caps, brought added delight and excitement to the day.

I hadn't enjoyed a nonpareil candy in years. Truthfully, I had forgotten all about that old favorite. 

Two years ago my big sister Debbie and I were both home visiting our parents when we went into a little country shop. They had a smörgåsbord of candy on offer, and Deb bought a bag of nonpareils chocolate. 

chocolate nonpareils

When she offered me some, I took a few in an offhand manner. I couldn't believe it! I was hooked on them all over again. Mmmmmmmmm, were they scrumptious!

I actually get cravings for them now. :) 

I can't buy them locally, but I can find nonpareils on eBay from time to time. That wat I can satisfy my cravings now and then. 

Similar to the non pareil is what we used to call, "sprinkles." They also are referred to as "jimmies." They are great for decorating your homemade chocolate candy, cupcakes, and cakes for special occasions. You can find a whole range of nonpareils in different colors at Candyland Crafts.

nonpareils chocolate

If you haven't indulged in chocolate non pareils in a while, I encourage you to try some. It's like meeting an old friend.

If you want to use them to make up party favors for a special occasion, you can buy them in bulk. You can even purchase little cellophane bags and twist ties or ribbon to finish the job at Candyland Crafts. I think they would be a lot of fun for all. Enjoy!

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