New To Candy Making

I'm new to candy making and I have a couple of questions. How long can you keep chocolate candies once they are made, wrapped and ribbon on?

Does the chocolate get tacky when you remove from freezer and leave marks on cello bag inside?

Does the type of chocolate...bark/chips etc. factor in?

I like to make the pretzel turtles, penny pretzels, rods, and now have ventured into suckers, etc. and painted candies.

I did a chocolate fair last year. I will send you a pic.

Good luck with your mother. I lost my mother Dec. 14 of this year. I wish her well and good health.

P.S. I like to dip sugar cookies in chocolate also and then decorate with colored candy or royal does the same life time apply to that?


Thanks so much for the good wishes for my mom. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your own mother so recently. It's such a difficult experience in life that we must face. I dread it!

How nice to hear that you are new to candy making! I hope you'll really enjoy the process and the finished results! :)

The problem with freezing your chocolates is that you will develop condensation when you thaw them. This can cause discoloration. Be sure to put the chocolate candy in an airtight container and wrap it well before placing it in the freezer.

When defrosting, keep the container wrapped until the candy has completely thawed and at room temperature. This will cut down on the condensation effect.

If you are planning to wrap the chocolate candy in cellophane, wait until after the chocolate candies have thawed and come to room temperature before wrapping them in cello.

Yes, the type of chocolate you use does affect the outcome. Usually, the higher the quality of chocolate you use, the better the results.

I look forward to seeing the photo from the chocolate fair! How fun!

The shelf life of chocolate candies varies depending on the type of candy. Chocolate covered pretzels, suckers, etc., as you describe will last several weeks or even longer if they are kept in a moderate temperature (not too hot or cold).

The cookies are a different matter. If the sugar cookies are completely covered in chocolate, they will probably stay fresher for longer. Otherwise, chocolate dipped cookies will only last as long as the cookie stays fresh.

Have fun with your new candy making adventures!

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