Need Help With My Caramels

by CK

I need help with my caramels. Good for only a few days then crystallize. What to do?

I make wonderful caramels and everyone loves them and wants to sell them in their stores. I'm not comfortable with that yet as I have a problem.

They are delicious and look and taste great but they only seem to last, even when refrigerated, a few days or a week at best and then they turn sugary.

Please tell me what to do so they can have a long shelf life????

Do I add a preservative? Or is it cooking tip?
I use a copper pan and rubber spoon. There is sweetened condensed milk in the recipe and sometimes alcohol and sugar.

Please help me if you can.

Hi CK,

Although I love caramel, I don't make it a lot myself. It's my understanding that you'll have a better shot at keeping the caramel from turning grainy if you use some corn syrup in the recipe (instead of just sugar).

Another tip I've read about is that if you add a little acid (a little bit of lemon juice) when making the caramels that this also helps keep the caramel from going grainy.

Don't know if these ideas will help, but perhaps some others will offer their advice, too.


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