Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

by Kath

Easter Eggs Made With Natural Colors

Easter Eggs Made With Natural Colors

How To Make Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

I boil my eggs for several hours with beets for red color, onions for yellow color or blueberries for bluish-purple.

I put the veggies or fruits used for the eggs in cheesecloth and tie with a rubber band. If these eggs do not crack they will keep for years and the inside will turn to powder - easier than blowing.

I also places small fern leaves or clover on the eggs before I boil. Tightly wrap a piece of pantyhose around them and secure with a rubber band. When the eggs are done you will have a stencil like impression on the egg.

Hi Kath,

Thanks so much for telling us how to make natural dyed Easter eggs.

It's a really great Easter craft idea that is chemical free and so easy to make.

To get other designs besides the leaves or flowers you described, you could also draw the design with wax or crayons before boiling.

Thanks for sharing this great Easter craft ideas for kids or adults to enjoy!


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