My thoughts and prayers are with you Angie

by Annie Baxter
(Southeast Louisiana)

Dear Angie,

Having just read of the passing of your mother, I wanted to extend my thoughts and prayers over your loss.

Though no two people can share the same feelings, having lost my mom to cancer in 1987 and currently experiencing the journey of my dad receiving chemo for his cancer, I send prayers for all that I know, and for all that God knows you and your family need.

As an aside, after completing the Video Action Guide tonight, I plan to purchase my SBI subscription tomorrow. If only everyone understood all that SBI offers! I'm so confident and excited to finally build my online business.

Thank you for introducing me to the SiteBuildIt! program.

Take care, and I will continue to pray for you, your family, and you mother's soul in Heaven.


Annie Baxter

(***I sent you a note directly, but thought I'd go ahead and add your lovely note here since you submitted it. Thanks again!)

Dear Annie,

Thank you so much for the lovely note. I appreciate your kind thoughts, prayers, and understanding sympathy. Losing my mom to heaven is the most horrible experience I've faced. Not that she's with the Lord, of course, but that she's no longer with ME!

I'm so thankful I was here to help care for her these last few months, but I will miss her so very, very much. She was my dearest friend ever.

I'm sorry to hear about your own father. I hope and pray that the Lord allows him to recover fully.

I'm so excited for you to hear that you are about to officially start your SBI adventure. Yippee! You are going to adore it!

I can't believe how well my sites are doing! I've not had time to work on them much in recent months, but my income has pretty much doubled anyway. I think it was just the Lord blessing me because he knew I needed the extra income to help out my family and help with my mom's treatments.

Nevertheless, I'm thrilled and so pleased with how it has progressed. I look forward to seeing how your site progresses, too. When you've made a start, come back here to this page and add a link in the comments section so others can see what you are up to. ;)

Keep me posted! Thanks again for your kindness in taking the time to write me with your sympathies. It meant a lot.


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