Mothers Day Flowers
Your Pick Of Chocolate Flowers Or Fresh Flowers

Mothers Day Flowers

Want to give Mothers Day Flowers to your own sweet wife, mother, or grandma this year?   Good idea!

You can choose from real flowers or chocolate flowers. Do you think she'd prefer one over the other?

I'm pretty sure a bouquet of flowers of either the fresh or candy variety would make any lady's day extra special! :)

I'm such a huge chocolate fan that I drool at the mere thought, but you have to admit that there's something uniquely wonderful about "real" flowers.

Each fresh bloom is delicately beautiful in its own unique way. 

Have you ever noticed that it doesn't matter if you're looking at the intricacies of wildflowers or hot house blooms? 

Just like mothers,
all flowers are gorgeous and special. 

Since God made them both, there should be no surprise there. He always does great work!

Fresh Flowers For Mother's Day

Buy flowers online

I've always enjoyed giving flowers to my mom since I was a child picking them in the field and bringing them home in a tightfisted bunch.

She'd carefully put my botanical offering in a pretty vase and place them in a prized location - even if they were really flowering weeds.  ;)

I still love treating Mom to a bouquet of flowers, even from my location on the opposite side of the world.

One of my favorite fresh flower suppliers is Just Flowers. They even deliver the same day, in case you have one of those, "Oops, I forgot!" moments.  Another real popular option is FTD, which I'm sure most of you have heard of before.  They also deliver gorgeous blooms lickety-split!

Chocolate Flowers For Mother's Day

You might want to send your mother chocolate flowers for Mother's Day for a little something different.

You can get order a lovely chocolate rose bouquet or other type of chocolate flower bouquet.

I try to keep a few listed here on display to give you an idea of what is currently available. You can't deny that they'd make a delicious surprise!

Or you can make your own...

Make Your Own Chocolate Mothers Day Flowers

Make Mothers Day Flowers

If you're the creative type, you can make your own chocolate flowers for Mother's Day. It's really easy when you use chocolate molds.

There are many lovely flower molds available at Candyland Crafts for only a couple of dollars each.

All you have to do is choose your molds and some chocolate for melting. You can get the chocolate at Candyland Crafts, too, if you like.

Of course, you can always use chocolate chips from the grocery store or even splurge on your favorite gourmet chocolate. It's entirely up to you. Most any chocolate would do, so just think about what your dear mother would like best.

If you've never molded chocolates before, don't worry. Follow the simple instructions for how to mold chocolate candy and you'll see how easy it really is.

You can even get your kids involved and help them create wonderful chocolate flowers for their grandmother or teacher as Mother's Day gifts.

Have Fun! Happy Mother's Day!

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