Mothers Day Crafts For Kids

mothers day crafts for kids

Looking for ideas for Mothers Day crafts for kids that are inexpensive yet cute and fun?

I've got a few Mother's Day craft ideas you can use to help children express their love and appreciation for their moms in their own unique and special ways.

The truth is, I'm always trying to come up with different craft ideas for Mother's Day and other special occasions.

I need to keep them fairly simple sometimes because I don't have a lot of time to spend with my Sunday school class or youth group.

If I'm creating Mothers Day crafts for kids with my nieces and nephews I can be a bit more elaborate.

I'm not under a time constraint then. I could keep those darlings forever!

I thought you might enjoy trying out some of the crafts for Mothers Day that I have used on different occasions.

You may even be able to design something even more unique once your creative juices start flowing. 

I'll let you in on a little secret.  I'm not really the creative type myself, so I'm sure you have a good chance of coming up with much better ideas than me.  ;)  If you do, I hope you'll share them with us!

Mothers Day Cards

mothers day crafts for kids

One of the easiest and quickest Mothers Day crafts for kids is making Mother's Day cards. You can provide the supplies and maybe even a few sample cards made up ahead of time to give the kids some ideas.

Here are some bits and pieces that come in handy: paper, markers, crayons, paint, glue, tape, glitter, wrapping paper, old cards, stickers, lace, ribbon, scissors, etc.

Children can be pretty creative if you let them at it. If they are going to use paint, glue or glitter, I suggest you line the working area with newspaper to save on the clean-up time.

Candy Bar Cards

If you have the extra money, you can help the kids make chocolate candy bar cards instead.

In this case you should use poster board instead of construction paper because you'll need the extra support to hold the weight of the candy bars.

Let the kids pick a few candy bars each to use in making their card. You can give them examples of how they can use the names of the candy bars in sentences to make their card special.

Mom, don't SNICKER, but you're worth more than 100GRAND to me!

The kids will probably come up with some pretty hysterical ideas on their own. That makes it even more fun.

All they have to do is tape the candy bars in the appropriate spots on the cards and decorate the rest. Just make sure they don't eat the candy before it gets to Mom! :-)

Molded Chocolate Candy

mothers day crafts for kids
mothers day crafts for kids

One of my favorite ideas for Mothers Day crafts for kids is to use chocolate candy molds to make up lollipops or other cute molded chocolates.

Chocolate molds are so inexpensive and they can be used over and over each year. You can use chocolate melts or even chocolate chips to make the candy.

The two suppliers I prefer for molds, chocolate, lolly sticks, bags, (the works!) are Candyland Crafts.

It isn't very difficult to make molded chocolates, either. If you are careful, you can even melt the chocolate using the microwave. You just have to heat in short intervals (30 seconds at a time) and stir after each heating.

Of course, if you are going to go all out, you can get several different colors of the chocolate melts and some new mini paint brushes and let the kids "paint" in the details of the molds before filling them the rest of the way with chocolate.

mothers day chocolate molds

If you want to melt several colors at a time, place the melts in small bowls and set them in an electric skillet set to low and with water about an inch or so deep. Be sure to tell the kids not to let water get in the chocolate!

It doesn't take very long for the chocolate to set, but if you are in a rush, just pop the molds in the fridge for a little bit and that will speed up the cooling time.

Making molded chocolate candy is a lot of fun. It's a great idea for a mothers day craft for kids. The children will be so proud of themselves when they present their mom with candy that they made themselves.

More Mothers Day Crafts For Kids Ideas...

If none of those ideas for Mothers Day crafts for kids are what you are looking for, I suggest you check out some craft books from your local library or continue to search for some kids craft kits online. 

There are heaps of very clever people that I've found for inspiration!

If you've got a great Mothers Day craft for kids idea, do share it with us here. Or, take a photo and show off the candy bar cards your kids have made. We'd love to enjoy their creative minds, too.

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