Mothers Day Cards
Tradition With A Twist

mothers day cards

Mothers Day cards are an important tradition for most of us!

Yes, we should express our love and appreciation to our moms all year round, but it would be a sad shame not to present your mom with a card on Mother's Day.

I used to stand in the card aisle for ages reading through card after card to find just the right one for my precious mother.  These days (living on the other side of the world) there are easier options.

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Are you familiar with the online Card Store?  I love it! 

You simply browse through cards online, choose the one you prefer, personalize it with your own sentiment, and let them know where you want it to be mailed.

The folks at the Card Store take it from there! 

They'll print out your card, stuff it in an envelope, add the address that you provide and then pop it in the mail to arrive right on time.  Fantastic!

You even have the option of having the card and envelope sent to you if you live close enough to give your mum the Mother's Day card in person and prefer that option.

Okay, that's the traditional covered.  Now let's talk about the "twist." :)

How about making something a little more personalized and unique this year for a Mothers Day card? Your 'mom' will love it, I promise!

No matter what your age, or the age of the mother you want to surprise, I've got a great idea for you.

Have you ever made a candy bar card? They are really cute and clever. They are also a lot of fun for the giver and the receiver.

"What's a candy bar card?"
I'm glad you asked! It's so simple you won't believe it. You design your own clever card using candy bars, of course.

Here's what you'll need:

  • poster board
  • markers
  • candy bars
  • clear tape and/or glue
  • decorative items like glitter, stickers, paper doilies, lace, ribbon,etc.

You can use the poster board as it is flat, or you can fold it or cut it as you like. You might want to make a heart shape or scallop the edges.

I would suggest a lighter color poster board so that your markers will show up clearly.

Create a message using the names of the candy bars as part of the sentiment. Need some examples?

    You are the most wonderful mother in the whole MILKY WAY! I wanted to TAKE 5 minutes to tell you how SPECIAL you are to me. You added a STARBURST to every day of my life. I wouldn't trade you for 100GRAND. I can always count on you when it comes to the CRUNCH. These Mother's Day wishes come with lots of HUGS and KISSES.

Does that give you some ideas to get you started? Just tape or glue the appropriate candy bars in place as you write the card.

You can then use the optional decorative items to dress it up as you like.

See, I told you it's a Mothers Day card that your mom would really love. Take a minute to tell us and show us your finished card. It's simple to add it using the form for candy bar card ideas.

Happy Mothers Day!

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