Mold For Cream Filled Chocolates

by Nikki

I want to know where on the website Candyland Crafts you can find the mold for the cream-filled chocolates that you have on your site.

I really would love that specific mold, but cannot find it on the site anywhere. If you would send me the link to the exact mold that would be great. I am very interested in making my own chocolate.

Hi Nikki,

I'm sorry to say that I can't remember if that mold on the cream filled chocolate candy page is actually from Candyland Crafts or from one of the other mold places like One Stop Candle.

I dashed over to have a quick look, but I didn't see that specific chocolate candy mold at Candyland Crafts. I found a couple that were very similar in their "All Occasions" section.

There's one called a Star Bon Bon and another called a Stylized Flower. They also have a rose bon bon, a swirl bon bon, and various other similar styles.

I'll put a question in to my friend at Candyland Crafts and see if he can tell us if they do indeed have that exact mold in stock. I'll post the answer here when I hear back from him.


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May 04, 2009
Stylized Flower Candy Mold
by: Angie

I heard back from my friend at Candyland Crafts. The specific mold you are looking for IS one of the one's I mentioned above. It's the Stylized Flower Mold #AO-118.

You can't always make out the details well in the photos, but he assured me that's the one. :) Have fun making candy! Let us see your finished projects by adding a photo or two to the site.

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