Mixing Real Chocolate With Candy Melts

by Katie
(Idaho Falls)

Chocolate Candy Melts

Chocolate Candy Melts

Can you mix real chocolate (like a Ghiradelli block) with candy melts (like Wilton chips)?

I like how foolproof candy melts are, but would like a truer chocolate flavor for dipping chocolates. I'm wondering if real chocolate can be mixed with candy melts.

If so, do I need to temper the mixture to avoid spots/swirls of fat bloom, or would the vegetable fats that are in the candy melts make tempering unnecessary?

Thanks for any help you can give,

Hi Katie,

Mixing "real" chocolate with candy melts shouldn't be a problem, in my opinion. I've mixed various chocolates together for dipping purposes and have had no trouble with it.

Granted, I haven't tried every possible combo, but I can't imagine a reason it wouldn't work.

As for tempering, if you are careful when melting and you don't get the chocolate too hot, you can probably get by without tempering.

Of course, you definitely don't want to chill the chocolate after dipping if you want to avoid chocolate bloom. That's usually why you end up with those spots and swirls.

Hope your goodies turn out perfectly. Let us know if your blend of chocolates work as well as I think it will, okay?


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