Mix Melted Chocolate And Carmel?

by Tammy
(Orlando, Fl)

Can I mix melted chocolate and carmel to put into sandwich cookies?

I'm trying to avoid layering chocolate and carmel in a sandwich cookie. Just trying to skip a step but I'm not sure about temperature issues and if they will mix at all or crystallize on me.

I've done my share of melting chocolate for many things and had good results but I haven't tried mixing them.

I think it sounds yummy.

Hi Tammy,

I think it sounds yummy, too! :) I've never actually tried mixing melted chocolate and caramel together either and I'm just wondering if they will actually blend properly.

I guess you may just have to experiment with a small amount of each and see what happens. :)

Unless, of course, someone else has already given this a try and can share the voice of experience below by adding a comment.

The more I think about it, the more I think it might work. It seems it would be more like a chocolatey caramel taste rather than the more traditional flavor combination of chocolate and caramel like you get when you have layers or fillings.

Do let us know if give it a try and how it turns out!


Comments for Mix Melted Chocolate And Carmel?

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Jan 31, 2022
It works!!! NEW
by: Bhargavi

I tried mixing my overly caramelised teeth breaking hard candy with little butter, water, cream and white chocolate. It turned out to be utterly delicious.

Oct 05, 2021
Can be done!
by: Andrew

In the last few months I've been experimenting with various caramel/toffee/butterscotch/etc for fun. I am new to the home-made baking world but have been cooking my whole life. I love learning new things and challenging myself to perfect anything I do/make. I work at a bar/restaurant and have access to the kitchen outside business hours also, so its convenient having the space and equipment, plus there's plenty of cooks and servers in/out daily who are generally happy to eat it so it is not wasted. When I have scorched a batch from overcooking the sugar, what I like to do is remelt the caramel in a pan slowly until it is a thinner more liquid consistency and then throw a few bars of good chocolate into it and incorporate them together before pouring into a pan to set. This has resulted in a delicious "something" that sometimes resembled fudge and other times was more "tootsie roll". The chocolate covers the burnt taste very well so you don't have to throw away a whole batch. I've also had some success mixing the chocolate in with the molten caramel right after I turn the stove off before it initially sets. I dont fully understand yet exactly what variables in the whole candy process affect the end result when mixing caramel and chocolate, but that's why im playing around with it. Just wanted anyone else who finds themselves here like I did to know- it CAN be done and is amazing if done right! Just don't ask me how that's achieved, I dont have that answer... yet. My success with this so far has almost entirely come from luck.

Jun 04, 2015
Mixing melted chocolate and caramel... NEW
by: Angie from chocolate - candy - mall.com

Thanks Genita for letting us know how your experiment turned out. I can see how you could end up with a gooey mess on your hands.

To be honest, I should have known that mixing together caramel and chocolate smoothly would have been more of a challenge than not.

I still think it is probably possible if the temperatures and consistencies were right, but the end result would be more of a chocolate flavored caramel with perhaps the consistency of a fudge?

Hmmm. My brain is falling asleep at the moment so I better call it a night before I start spouting too much nonsense and ruin someone's perfectly good ingredients with my ramblings.

If anyone else wants too weigh in on this sticky dilemma, dive into the conversation. All sugar laden thoughts are welcome. ☺

Jun 02, 2015
do not try! NEW
by: Genita

I tried that just now... All I can say is regrets! Won't melt at all 😓

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