Milk Chocolate or Wafers?

by Stephanie Seaboyer

Which works better, milk chocolate or wafers?

Is it better to use the white chocolate tinted wafer for making homemade lollipops or milk chocolate melted and then placed in molds to set?

The wafers turned out nicer than using melted milk chocolate. Am i doing something wrong or will it just take practice to find my own method that works.

I'm new to candy making and making these as party favors and want them to turn out nice. Hope you can help.

Hi Stephanie,

I don't think it really matters whether you use milk chocolate or wafers when making molded candy.

Did you tint the white chocolate yourself, or did you use colored wafers?

Sometimes the wafers seem to melt and set a little better than regular chocolate because of their unique ingredients, some special compound - don't ask me the specifics. ;) I'd have to go look it up!

But if you prefer to use regular milk chocolate rather than wafers, you can get some Paramount Crystals at Candyland Crafts and that will help to make the chocolate thinner and creamier, so they say. I generally just use chocolate as is, but I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to my chocolate!

Hope that helps with your debate over milk chocolate or wafers. Grin!

Show us your party favors when you get them done! We'd love to ooh! and aah! over them.

Have fun!

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